Command line Active Directory query tool to find expired accounts. This will find accounts that are expired or accounts with expired passwords.


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Current Version

    Version 1.1.0 - June 19, 2005

Modification(s) from previous version

Security Requirements

There are no local security requirements for running FindExpAcc. Information returned from Active Directory will be dependent on the security configured for the directory. Generally a normal Active Directory user can successfully view this information.


C++. Compiled with Borland Builder 6.0

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I have been meaning to put this tool together since I saw how wildly popular unlock has been. I just kept forgetting to write it. A post from activedir org sparked me into putting it together now because it was pretty much just the combination of a bunch of code from various tools I have already written. I expect that this tool will also be extremely popular because it gives a functionality that admins have been practically begging for for some time now. This could easily be put into a script to generate emails for users whose passwords are going to expire and cleaning up expired accounts (well until oldcmp has the function added to it that allows you to key off account expirations).


You do not have to supply the email address. I would like you to fill that in though so that I have an idea on how popular a tool really is. If I see 1000 downloads with 900 different email addresses I know it is more widespread than one that has 1000 downloads and 200 different email addresses because the same person needed to keep downloading it for some reason.

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    Download and type FindExpAcc /?

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