FindExpAcc Usage

findexpacc /?

FindExpAcc V01.01.00cpp Joe Richards ( June 2005

 FindExpAcc [switches]

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -dsq           DSQuery style quoted output
   -h host        Host to use. (Default is to autofind DC)
   -s scope       Scope of search. OneLevel, Subtree. (Default Subtree)
   -b basedn      RFC 1779 DN to start search at (Default domain root)
   -f filter      RFC 2254 LDAP filter (Default is confusing :)
   -af addon      RFC 2254 LDAP filter to add to builtin filter
   -bit           Bitwise operator filter conversion enable
                    :AND:= converts to :1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=
                    :OR:= converts to :1.2.840.113556.1.4.804:=
   -ps size       Page size. (Default 100)
   -t xxx         Timeout value in seconds. (Default 300 seconds)
   -excldn xx     Exclude objects with given string in DN. Multiple
                  strings delimted by semi-colon (;).
   -excldndelim x Specify a delimiter for -excldn, default is (;).
   -nolc          Do not normalize machine names to lc - RAW Case
   -outdelim x    Delimiter for output, default is (,).
   -pwd           Password expiration instead of account expiration.
   -days x        Best effort look into future by x days, I call
                  this best effort because it is # of days * 24 hours
                  look ahead, it doesn't go to the beginning of the
                  specified day.
   -skipforced    Use with -pwd to skip accounts forced expired.

       As of version V1.01.00 I have added expireDays to the CSV
       output. This tells you how long before an account is expired
       so it is easier for scripts. If the value is negative, that
       is how many days the account has been expired. If it is positive
       that is how many days before it will expire.

      Find all currently expired accounts in default domain on default DC.
    findexpacc -h servername
      Find all currently expired accounts on specified DC.
    findexpacc -excldn ou=testou
      Find all currently expired accounts on default DC excluding any
      with ou=testou in DN.
    findexpacc -dsq
      Find all currently expired accounts on default DC, output only
      quoted DNs.

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