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Here is the home for my resume. I will always look at opportunities because I wouldn't be where I am now if I didn't keep my eyes and mind open to alternate possibilities. At the moment I am into working for the money, once I become independently wealthy I will work for fun and take up sympathy/charity cases for the challenge. As of right now my not for profit and charity work is limited to my free tools and my responses in the community to various newsgroup and listserv questions. 

Note that overall the computer industry in my opinion is in sad shape. You have a bunch of people working with computers who shouldn't be and a bunch of companies trying to pay nothing for people with good knowledge. To the people lying on their resumes to get the "Good" jobs I say - "Stop it!". You are hurting yourself and the overall state of the industry, you will get yourself into something you can't handle and look like an idiot. This also forces the companies to downgrade resumes when they see them and not believe what is written plus offer people who actually may be good crap salaries.

What is a crap salary you ask? A crap salary is a company posting for some expert with 5-10 years of experience in some field and several other fields and then saying the salary will be $20-30 an hour. If you have someone you are looking at that is a good thinker you better be starting at $50+ an hour with a ton of benefits and guarantees or looking at $100+ for straight hourly work. To put it another way, if someone offered me $30 an hour I would ask them why I shouldn't just be a manager at a Best Buy or something like that. I made that much 10 years ago selling TV's at Montgomery Wards and that was far less stress and pain than a full time tech job trying to make systems safe for the masses. And if you as a company offered someone that and they took it, you have to wonder... Are they that bad? Are they that desperate? Are they just biding their time until they go do something else and leave you cold.

Companies should start looking at tech talent like the sports teams look at athletic talent. Are you having tech issues in your company? Do you have tech superstars or do you have third stringers working to get into "safe" position or management and hide until retirement? I haven't met many really good tech people who "wanted" to go to management or want to find a safe position, they want to accomplish things. There are exceptions to the management item... People who did tech because it was a way to get in the door to get to a management position and are bright enough to do pretty much anything. If you want a tech superstar, you will find that that is a person who has no desire to be in management and actually doesn't need much management and doesn't want to hang with management. Do yourself and your superstars a favor by not forcing them into management - read up on Peter's Principal for more info.

At this point in time, most companies with computers actually need computer tech specialists. You are the least dependent on computers right now as you EVER will be. They will just get more and more important and if you intend to simply coast on whatever talent you get for some poor pay, you deserve everything that happens. I have no problem hearing that tech specialists make more than their managers. IMO, in many cases they should make considerably more. It is the tech specialists who keep your company's tech running efficiently.

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President/CEO with Human Resources Department