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Experience Summary

Operating Systems:



Hewlett-Packard (HP Enterprise Services)

        June 2012 – Present
        Windows/Active Directory Operations Escalation Engineer

Escalation engineer for Americas Wintel Delivery Organization.  Primarily focused on Security, Active Directory, Identity, and Provisioning but involved in a multitude of Windows OS related issues for external enterprise class trade customers.


Hewlett-Packard (HP Enterprise Services)

        May 2010 – Present
        Windows/Active Directory Engineering Architect

Windows and Directory Services Architect for Americas Regional Delivery Engineering team.  Primarily focused on Design, implemention, and troubleshooting of Identity and Data architectures and standards for external enterprise class trade customers.


Hewlett-Packard (HP Enterprise Services)

        November 2009 – Present
        Global Information Security Engineering Architect

Directory Services Architect for Global Information Security.  Design security (Identity and Data) architectures and standards for external trade customers as well as internal HPES systems.



        December 2006 – November 2009
        Active Directory Consultant for Global Directory Services

Directory Services consultant for Global Directory Services team which supports external trade customers. Handled escalations from any of our L3 Engineering analysts from any of our trade customers.



        August 2004 – December 2006
        Active Directory Consultant for Messaging Services Tower

Directory Services consultant for Message Services Tower which supports external trade customers as well as internal HP Messaging systems.


O'Reilly Publishing

        March 2003 – Present
        Technical Reviewer and Author

Technical reviewer for various Windows books including Active Directory Cookbook, Windows Server 2003 Security, Windows Server 2003 Cookbook. Wrote chapter on Exchange Server 2003 for Windows Server 2003 Cookbook. Author of Active Directory Third Edition.  Primary technical editor/reviewer of Active Directory Fourth Edition and Active Directory Cookbook 4rd Edition.


Addison-Wesley Publishing

        October 2003 – Present
        Technical Reviewer

Technical reviewer for various Windows books including Inside Active Directory Second Edition and The .NET Developers Guide to Directory Services Programming. 


DPM Consulting

        October 2001 – May 2004
        Senior Active Directory Administrator/Developer/Consultant
        (Contracted to Ford Motor Company)

Technical lead Windows 2000/3 analyst for a three member team managing Active Directory and the Enterprise infrastructure for Ford Motor Company. Responsible for maintaining Active Directory, WINS, and the overall proper functioning of authentication and authorization globally consisting of approximately 250,000+ users and 400 domain controllers/infrastructure servers. This environment grew daily as IT resources were collapsed throughout the company to the central architecture and included hundreds of thousands of workstations, thousands of servers, and tens of thousands of groups.

I became responsible for consulting to other internal integration analysts/developers and application developers on how best to implement Active Directory and other Win32 server solutions, and helping plan future infrastructure and Directory Services operations systems/direction. I was the de facto 3rd level support analyst for Windows Technology issues for hundreds of thousands of Windows systems supported by a multitude of different support groups throughout the company (including Ford, Ford Financial, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar) and have been involved in troubleshooting a wide variety of issues. The last year to 14 months I was been deeply involved in the support/development of migrating approximately 180,000 users from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000; primarily the integration with Active Directory, development of support processes, delegation of permissions, and troubleshooting of the various issues Exchange has with large scale and multiple domains. Also I produced several web pages, scripts, and support tools to effectively and efficiently manage the Active Directory and Exchange environments.


Manpower Technical

        July 1999 – April 2001
        Senior Windows NT Technology Administrator/Developer/Consultant
        (Contracted to Hewlett Packard to provide onsite support for Ford Motor Company)

I was the primary NT/Windows 2000 operations analyst for Enterprise infrastructure and Application Servers residing in Data Centers for Ford Motor Company. I was responsible for maintaining existing systems, implementing new systems, consulting for other integration analysts/developers on how best to implement Win32 server solutions, and helping plan future infrastructure and data center operations systems/direction. I was technical lead and 3rd level support analyst for seven-member team responsible for 325+ NT/W2K Data Center Application servers and 300+ Globally Distributed Infrastructure Domain Controllers. I was ultimately responsible for the proper operation of the 200,000 plus user ids in the infrastructure domains and security of same.


National Tech Team

        August 1996-July 1999
        Network Administrator/Developer
        (Onsite at Ford Credit Central Office in Dearborn, MI)

Senior Windows NT Server Team Analyst and  technical lead of 3-member team of Domain Administrators for NT 4 Resource Domain consisting of 30+ NT 4 Servers supporting 1700 Win32 clients, and 300+ OS/2 clients.  The position included everything involving Win32 servers, i.e. I was ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the Win32 environment and the resources located in that environment. Specifically I was setting up and monitoring security, finding/creating admin tools, automating common system functions, auditing, etc. I also provided 3rd level support to Ford Credit subsidiaries that leveraged our system design including Primus and Fairlane Credit.

Member of the 3-person Ford Credit Windows NT 4 Resource Domain Design Team who designed the Ford Credit Windows NT 4.0 Resource domain leveraging Ford System’s Integrations (FSIC) processes and designs. We migrated 100 OS/2 2.1/3.0 Servers to 11 NT 4.0 Servers while maintaining all users and resources during normal production with minimal downtime. I also assisted the teams responsible for Shared Data Migration and automating client Software Delivery.


Montgomery Ward – Sterling Heights, Michigan

        August 1992-July 1996
        Big Ticket Sales Associate/ Home Office Support

I provided extensive customer service and support for PC’s, peripherals, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95, and OS/2. I helped customers with hardware upgrades and software troubleshooting including both OS level products and Application Products such as the MS Office Suite. I was the lead sales associate and additionally handled all customer service issues dealing with Home Office Products.


Independent Consultant

        May 1986-September 1996
        Technology Consultant/Programmer

I was a computer consultant for various companies and private individuals attempting to incorporate computer technology into their businesses and homes. I performed analysis of the problems and systems and designed systems and wrote custom c and assembler programs to fulfill requirements that could not be fulfilled by readily available packaged products. 


Automated Tracking Systems, Inc.

        November 1986-October 1991
        System Operator/Programmer

I maintained the operating environment and hardware for DEC PDP-11, VAX, and IBM Compatible Systems. I wrote several system utilities for monitoring and optimizing running efficiency of the systems using BASIC-PLUS, C, and Macro Assembly.


Clintondale High School

        September 1985-August 1987
        System Operator / System Manager

I maintained operating environment and hardware for DEC PDP 11/84 running RSTS/E V7.1-V9.2 for the high school. I was responsible for SYSGEN's, scheduling hardware maintenance, optimizing and troubleshooting system software.



Microsoft or  Microsoft Certified Training Centers

  Michigan State University

        Completed 2 years of 4 year CIS degree. Focus on systems programming utilizaing C and Assembler programming languages and data structures, and computing algorithms.

Clintondale High School

        College prep with focus on Math, Science, and Computers


I enjoy exercising (cardio and weight training), biking, music, home improvement projects, and reading.

I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP for Windows Server Directory Services, Security, and Active Directory Programming yearly since 2001.

Author of Active Directory Third Edition from O'Reilly media.

Paid technical editor/reviewer for several Windows books; O'Reilly Active Directory 4th Edition, O’Reilly Active Directory Cookbook (first, second, and third Editions), O'Reilly Exchange 2003 Cookbook, O’Reilly Windows Server 2003 Cookbook, O’Reilly Securing Windows Server 2003, Addison-Wesley Inside Active Directory Second Edition, Addison-Wesley The .NET Developer's Guide to Directory Services Programming.

Article: December 1999 Windows NT Magazine,, Receiving Net Send Messages on Win9x.

Article: February 2001 Security Administrator (Published by Windows 2000 Magazine).

Active participant of the listserv which is the premier Active Directory listserv.

Speaker at Directory Experts Conference (DEC) 2006, 2008.

I have a web site at http:/// where I keep Windows tools I have written so other people who administrate Windows and Active Directory environments can download and freely use them. Some of the more “well known” tools that have thousands of downloads per month are

AdFind – Windows Directory Services LDAP command line query tool

AdMod - Windows Directory Services LDAP command line modification tool

CPAU – Create Process as User. Similar to runas only allows job objects to be created to encode password/job information for logon scripts, etc

ExchMbx - Command line Exchange 2000/2003 tool

GetUserinfo – Displays Windows userid information

OldCmp – Tool to find and disable/delete old computer accounts in a Windows Active Directory environment

Unlock – Command line tool for finding and unlocking locked Windows userids