SecData Usage

secdata /?

Secdata V02.03.00cpp Joe Richards ( August 2002

 SecData server filter [OPTIONS]

   server       Server to run against.
                Specified in NetBIOS or FQDN Format.
   filter       Filter to compare against sAMAccountName.
                * specifies 1 or more wildcard characters.

   /computers   Enumerate computers instead of users
   /b base      Base to start search from
   /f filter    RFC 1960 search filter

  Ex1: SecData w2kasdc1 admin*
         Gets SecData for all users who are admin*
  Ex2: SecData w2kasdc1 *
         Gets SecData for all users.
  Ex2: SecData * /b ou=testusers,dc=joehome,dc=com
         Gets SecData for all users in testusers OU.

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