MemberOf Usage

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MemberOf V02.03.00cpp Joe Richards ( June 2006

 MemberOf [-s DomainController] [-u userid] [-group groupname] [-comp [computername]] [-np]

   DomainController    DC to direct queries to. Default value - Default
                       LDAP Server

   userid              User Id to look up. Default value - current user
                       format: domain\username

   groupname           Group SAMName to lookup if -group specified.
                       format: domain\GroupName

   computername        Computer account to look up. Default value - localhost
                       format: domain\ComputerName

   -np                 Disables default action of grabbing primary group
                       and adding to the list. The primary group is not a
                       member of memberOf attribute so it has to be grabbed

  Ex1: MemberOf
          This look up the current user info on whatever DC it finds.

  Ex2: MemberOf -s DC1 -u joeware\joe
           Will verify that DC1 is a DC that has info for joeware
           and then lookup info for the joeware\joe id.

  Ex3: MemberOf -p n
           Look up current user on default ldap server, don't get primary
           group information.

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