Command line tool to change machine account passwords on the local machine to reset secure channels when broken. 


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Current Version

Version 1.00.0 - June 7, 2012

Modification(s) from previous version

Security Requirements

This requires administrator rights on the machine the tool is running against. If you have User Account Control (UAC) enabled then you must start the the command prompt in "Run as Administrator" mode.


C++. Compiled with Visual Studio 2010

Source Code Availability



I was poking through the Protocols documentation that MSFT was forced to publish one day and saw some interesting stuff around the machine account password so dug into it. This tool is the end result of that playing. 


You do not have to supply the email address. I would like you to fill that in though so that I have an idea on how popular a tool really is. If I see 1000 downloads with 900 different email addresses I know it is more widespread than one that has 1000 downloads and 200 different email addresses because the same person needed to keep downloading it for some reason.

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Version History

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    Download and type MachinePwd /?

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