LG Usage

lg /?

LG V01.03.00cpp Joe Richards (joe@joeware.net) April 2010

 LG Group SecPrin [switches]

   Group         LocalGroup to work with
   Group can be specified in the following ways:
          o domain\localgroup
          o \\server\localgroup
          o localgroup

          If Group is specified as domain\. or \\server\.
          localgroups at that location are enumerated
          If Group is specified as . the localgroups on
          the local machine are enumerated

  SecPrin        Security Principal to add/remove from group

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -add          Add SecPrin to Group.
   -remove       Remove SecPrin from Group
   -cleargroup   Remove all members from group
   -addgroup     Add localgroup specified
   -removegroup  Remove localgroup specified
   -sid          Security principal(s) are specified as SIDs
   -sidsout      Output SIDs instead of SecPrin member names
   -r computer   Specify computer to resolve SIDs. [LOCALHOST]
   -comment      Display LG Comments
   -setcomment   Set Comment for addgroup
   -lu           List Users (only used for . enumerate option)

    lg domain\.
      Enumerate localgroups on domain

    lg domain\. -lu
      Enumerate all localgroups and members on domain

    lg \\computer\.
      Enumerate localgroups on computer

    lg . -comment
      Enumerate localgroups and comments on localhost

    lg users
      Enumerates members of localgroup users on localhost

    lg \\computer\bob -addgroup -setcomment "bobs group"
      Create bob localgroup on computer with comment

    lg bob -setcomment "bobs group"
      Sets comment for localgroup bob on localhost

    lg users joe doug louise /add
      Adds joe, doug, and louise to localgroup users

    lg \\comp1\users louise -add -r comp3
      Adds SID resolved at comp3 for louise to localgroup users on comp1

    lg \\comp1\users S-1-5-567-678-89765-456 -sid -add
      Adds specified SID to localgroup users on comp1

    lg \\comp1\users -sidsout
      Lists members of localgroup users on comp1 in SID format

    lg \\comp1 -lu -sidsout
      Lists members of all localgroups on comp1 in SID format

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 You can usually find me at joe@joeware.net