GCChk Usage

gcchk /?

GCChk V01.03.00cpp Joe Richards (joe@joeware.net) August 2004

 GCChk -gc globalcatalog [switches]

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -t xxx     Timeout value for query, default 120 seconds
   -b xxx     Specify a specific branch to check
   -ps size   Page size, default page size = 1000

    gcchk -gc 2k3dc10
      Check all domain partitions except the default of 2k3dc10

    This does a fairly inefficient check of your GC partitions of a
    specified GC, to fully test your forest, you must run this again
    two different GCs that are DC's for different domains.

    If everything is fine, you will just see a bunch of periods (.)
    one for every 100 or so objects. If there is something on the GC
    that it can't find on the DC it is checking for that partition
    you will get an error message saying the GC DN for the object
    was not found. It will then attempt to find the object on that DCs
    default NC and will even search deleted items assuming the user
    has permissions to see deleted objects (administrator by default)
    and if the object is found, it will display it and the whenChanged
    time stamp. If the object can not be found it will tell you and that
    means either the object was moved from the default NC of the DC like
    say a cross domain move OR the object is a lingering object in the
    GC which is a bad thing.

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