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Utility Digests

if you need to doublecheck the utilities...

Recently I have been asked by some folks for MD-5 or SHA-1 digests for the utilities. I guess this is to doublecheck for a good download and good unzip though at least one person mentioned seeing the tools renamed and shared elsewhere. My recommendation, don't download my tools from other sites, especially if renamed, you get whatever you get and I won't want to hear about it if you do so.

The versions.txt file now includes the MD-5 and SHA-1 digests along with the release dates and utility versions.

To generate the digests I put together a quick little perl script and "compiled" it with ActivePerl's dev kit PerlApp. I decided to make that available to everyone as well. The utility is very quick and dirty so isn't loaded with features. If you have ideas for it or issues with it, please let me know.

The digest results of running the digest generator against itself with the command

joewaredigest.exe joewaretest.exe

MD-5: 9dce93eb13bdebd0deedec2c1c4e48f2

SHA-1: 5480c03010b85dd56f7050f5765c412fb0c70d00

Download joewaredigests.zip





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